Before After



Raymond Chan
I have found health and career in Melilea.
I would like to share the following phrase with all Melilean:
Life is short, living a healthy life without diseases is great!


Carmen Yap
I started to consume Melilea Greenfield Organic since 5 years ago
with full confidence and within a short period of time, I have successfully lost 16kg.
My skin condition improves and becomes visibly radiance and fresh.
My friends told me that I have become more beautiful now.
khaw_hb_b4.jpg khaw_hb_after.jpg
Khaw Hwee Boon
Thank you to Melilea Inner and Outer Beauty Product
which has change my beauty overall
and I have great confidence now.
low_kai_boon_b4.jpg low_kai_boon_after.jpg
Low Kai Boon
My transformation not only on the skin condition but also my dietary habit.
Now, I eat lesser and healthier.
Thank you to Melilea. Melilea Boleh!
zalina_b4.jpg zalina_after.jpg
Zalina Binti Abdul Rahid
After trying Melilea Greenfield Organic for more than 3 months,
my body weight reduced by 6 kg and until now,
I have successfully lost 10kg. Moreover, my face was no longer oily and acned.
I’m really satisfied because Melilea has changed my life.
alex_mok_b4.jpg alex_mok_after.jpg
Alex Mok Ing Kiet
Before fasting, my body weight was 133 kg,
my waistline was 48 inches and my thigh was 32 inches.
I practiced 3 times of fasting during 5 months’ time,
my weight reduced to 95 kg, successfully taken away 38 kg of fat.
My uric acid, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood lipid readings have returned to normal.
My transformation today has proved that good products must be experienced by ourselves.
Thanks Melilea!
haffida_b4.jpg haffida_after.jpg
Haffida Binti Mohd Alias
Since I started trying Melilea products on 7th September 2006,
my body weight has reduced by 12kg within 1 year’s time. Besides, my skin becomes more radiant, less oily and less acned. Moreover, I have better excretory system now.
linda_yim_b4.jpg linda_yim_after.jpg
Linda Yim
Thank you Melilea for giving me health, beauty and confidence!



Alicia Cheong
I was very glad that my health was markedly improved after 3 months
as the cholesterol level was lowered without dependence on medication anymore.
Thanks a lot to Melilea product series.
fong_lefun_b4.jpg fong_lefun_after.jpg

Fong LeFun
After using Melilea Botanical Skin Care series, the acnes and freckles are reduced while my skin texture returns to normal. Now my skin is glowing in health with even tone without the need of foundation powder. I even looked younger than before!


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