Lea Mind Aromatheraphy Series


A world of aromatherapy ­: Indulge yourself in essential oil baths.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plants, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well being.

The use of plant essential oils date back to ancient times in Egypt, Italy, India and China. Aromatherapy had been around for 6000 years or more.

Essential oils which are the pure “essence” of a plants are extract from flowers, trees, fruits, bark, grasses and seeds with both psychological and physical benefits.

Essential oils stimulate the powerful sense of smell. Natural essential oil that is inhaled into the lungs not only stimulates the brain to trigger a reaction, but scientific studies have also shown that essential oils contain chemical components that can exert specific effects on the body.

150_Aroma-shower-cream.gifPure Lavender Oil ­ Soothes and relaxes the soul.

A foamy bath with pure lavender oil calms the tired mind while cleansing
and moisturizing the body. It leaves your skin fresh and fragrant all day long.

Lavender essential oil

– Has soothing calming effect.

– Used for relaxation and promoting restful nights.

– Heals wound and rejuvenate the skin.

Pure Orange, Lemon & Peppermint Oil Blends ­: Be pampered in an exotic blend of essential oils.

Come alive with this zesty shower crème. Enriched with moisturizers and cleansers, the shower
crème will vitalize, tone and condition the skin.

Pure Orange Essential Oil

– Is refreshing, strong and stimulating.

– Brings a feeling of happiness and warmth to the mind.

Lemon Essential Oil

– Is an astringent, antibacterial and refreshing skin tonic.
– Revitalizing and uplifting.
– Helps improve concentration.

Peppermint Essential Oil

– Is cooling and refreshing.
– Used to clear mind, helps concentration and mental stimulant.

Little Angel Aromatherapy Baby Bath

Suitable for delicate baby’s skin. It is pH balance with hypoallergenic and ‘no tears’ formulation. Little Angel Aromatherapy Baby Bath provides a gentle cleansing action that cleans and refreshes without removing the protective layer of baby’s skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

Pomelo Essential Oil

– Works as skin toner for baby’s skin.
– Prevents chills and colds.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

– Refreshing and slightly energizing.
– Astringent, antiseptic, uplifting and soothing.

Little Angel Aromatherapy Baby Shampoo

A mild shampoo formulation to cleanse and care for baby’s delicate hair and scalp. Tanglefree and tearfree formula, it is safe for regular use to keep baby’s hair soft, clean and manageable. Clinically proven to be gentle and cause no irritation.

Apple Essential Oil

– Has calming effect.
– Gives energy to the cell.
– Provides aid towards complete relaxation.

Strawberry Essential Oil

– An aroma which has soothing and cheerful effects.
– Brings happiness to the mind.

Little Angel Baby Talcum

Fruity Fresh Scent

– Super fine and smooth talc made from sterilized talcum powder.
– Cares and protects baby’s sensitive skin from irritation and chaffing.
– Lightly fragranced to keep baby fresh all day long.
– Apply after bath and nappy changes, paying special attention to sensitive areas and under folds of skin.

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