Lea Mind Body Care Series

Lea Mind Body Care Series brings together the best formulation just so that you can experience the sensation of a DIY spa. A diverse range of body shampoos, hair shampoos and body lotion to clean, condition and protect your body.

Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap

Citrus Fresh

– Cleanse, neutralize stubborn odors such as garlic and fish effectively.
– pH balanced, gentle to the skin.
– Protects hands from drying.


– Instantly kills 99% germs.
– Contains Triclosan to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact.
– Super formula to sanitize and moisturize your hands.

Silky Soft Body Lotion

Blended with Tumeric Extract, Honey and Goat’s Milk

– Restores your skin’s natural moisture.
– Its antioxidants protect against free radical properties that harm the skin.
– Contains UV blocker to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Perfumed Moisturizing Body Shampoo

Feel good and smell great

An all natural alternative to harsh soaps, specially formulated to revitalize and gently cleanse skin without removing natural oils. Enriched with natural ingredients to extra moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. Indulge yourself in a scented bath with an unforgettable lingering fragrance throughout the day. This body shampoo comes in two scents:

– A sparkling soft fruity fragrance.

– A fresh, clean sexy scent.

Nourishing Hair Shampoo

Smooth, manageable hair in just ONE step. A mild shampoo rich in natural ingredients to promote shining and healthier hair with regular use.

– Contains vital nutrient that prevent hair damage. It is mild to the hair and scalp, making it smooth and shining with health and vitality.
– Thoroughly cleans scalp and hair without removing the natural moisture.
– Nourishes the scalp for better hair growth.

Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

A unique conditioner that revives thirsty stressed hair, giving it sufficient moisture to restore shine and mend split ends. With vast proteins, vitamins and botanicals, it leaves your hair frizz free and preserves color radiance.

Contains proteins, vitamins and botanicals

– Smoothes and moisturizes hair.
– Minimize breakage and damage, conditions the hair for manageability.
– Prevents split ends, frizzy and flat hair syndromes and gives your hair tanglefree silkiness.

Extraordinary volume

– Hair looks thick and healthy.
– Long lasting softness and suitable for curly hair.
– Suitable for all hair types.


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