Lea Mind Home Care Series

160_home care-full.gif
Lea Mind Home Care Series is specially formulated to make cleaning your home in a breeze. Made specifically to clean better and protects your hands at the same time with its strong yet gentle formula.

Shining Floor Cleaner ­: Cleans, Waxes, Disinfects and Deodorize in ONE easy step

– Cleans floor, toilet walls, drains and kitchen.
– Contains pine oil to prevent spread of fungus, bacteria and also repel insects.
– Cleans the toughest dirt and grime but gentle on all floor surfaces.
– Concentrated formula, economical and effective.
– Safe and environment friendly. Non toxic to humans and aquatic life.

Sparkling Bright Dishwashing Liquid ­: Makes dishwashing all the easier for you

– New formulated dishwashing liquid exhibits low dermal irritation and excellent skin compatibility.
– Naturally based wetting agents are powerfully active, even at very low levels of use, ensuring that grease is rinsed cleanly.
– Contains biodegradable surfactants which dilutes easily and doesn’t pollute nor destroy aquatic life.

Shining Bright Class Cleaner :­ Cleans effectively without leaving any marks behind

– Unique formula which removes dirt and grease without streaking, leaving it sparkling clean and spotless.
– Convenient, ready to use and no rinsing required.
– Specially formulated with antistatic and antimist properties, leaving glass spotless.
– Biodegradable, environment friendly without leaving harmful residues.

Sparkling Bright Toilet Cleaner :­ Tackle stubborn stains and removes unpleasant smell

– Kills germs, prevent bacteria growth repel insects and removes unpleasant odors.
– Alkaline formulation. Lifts dirt off surfaces and breaks it down; requires less scrubbing.
– Concentrated, economical and better value for money.
– Safe, noncorrosive and biodegradable, causing NO harmful effects on our environment.
– Excellent for bathtubs, sink, toilet bowls and cisterns.

Fluffy Soft Liquid Laundry :­ Excellent cleaning power to remove stubborn stains

– Contains enzymes to get rid of the toughest stains.
– Anti virus, anti bacteria and anti fungi formulation.
– Suitable for presoaking.
– Highly concentrated and very economical.
– Nontoxic and biodegradable.
– No optical brighteners*
– Suitable for all kinds of fabric.

* The optical brighteners found in many common laundry detergents are actually tiny particles that stick to the surface of your clothes. Although these optical brighteners may make your clothes appear brighter, they are chemical residues that are intentionally left behind on your clothes and may cause skin irritation or other allergic reactions.

Fluffy Soft Detergent Powder ­: Powerful on dirt, gentle on your clothes

– Designed to dissolve quickly in all water temperatures with a light, fresh fragrance and a special softening agent.
– Combination of powerful surfactants and enzymes to power out the toughest stains without wearing away your clothes.
– Super concentrated formulation gives up to 200 washes.
– Protects metal parts of clothing (zip, metal buttons) and the washing machine.
– Contains biodegradable surfactants which dilutes easily and doesn’t pollute nor destroy the lives of aquatic life.
– Ideal for delicate baby clothing.


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